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Fillings are made to replace the lost tooth tissue after tooth decay has been completely cleaned, but they are not preventive of caries. In case of insufficient oral hygiene, the filled tooth may decay again.

If there is enough bone, the dentist’s preference is always to replace each lost tooth with an implant. However, in some cases, two implants can be placed intermittently and a bridge prosthesis can be applied. The number of implants to be placed can only be determined after the clinical and radiographic examination of the physician.

The nerves of the tooth are removed during root canal treatment, so a tooth that has been treated with root canal is not affected by external stimuli. There may be slight pain or chewing tenderness in the first few weeks after treatment because the tooth needs time to heal, just like any tissue in our body.

When making smile design, the aesthetics of the region created by the teeth (white aesthetics) and the aesthetics of the region created by the gums (pink aesthetics) are evaluated. For this purpose, firstly, the level of gingiva on the photograph should be evaluated and which teeth will be included in the design.
Dental-gingival-bone levels of the teeth are then examined clinically and radiographically. The treatment plan is then clarified.

Bleaching in the correct procedure does not harm the teeth.

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